Inflatables Comparison - Mindy Kaling Vs Helium10 Comparison

created on 2020-July-15-Wednesday

That's right - Helium has finally gone into production. It's just been added to the following product lines: Inflatables, Instant Bed Beds, Inflatable Dorm Rooms, Instant Bedroom, Inflatable Dorms, Space Heaters, Globes, TVs, And More! The ever-fascinating and irreverent Mindy Kaling recently posted a delightful Inflatables comparison between Helium and Inflatables on her very own blog.

Here is her Inflatables comparison between Helium and Inflatables. Mindy's choices are extremely entertaining. There are quite a few things that make Helium looks like it could be more appealing than Inflatables. Here are those things.

-- The Ozone filter-- the filter that goes on top of your air conditioner-- is the one thing that does not work well with Inflatables. And it makes your air conditioner smell bad, too. Actually, it makes your air conditioner smell worse. That's right. Even if you clean it occasionally, it still stays bad-smelling.

-- The temperature control--the kind of thing that you have to be absolutely sure of--doesn't quite work for Inflatables. Why? Because you can actually adjust the temperature of the air in your room. That doesn't happen at all with Helium, though. Yet Inflatables do not have the option of adjusting the temperature of the air.

-- The air conditioner--which you can actually do this! Inflatables can't do this because you cannot manipulate the temperature of the air even as you may desire. Inflatables just keep on getting hotter.

-- The small fridge--but not a small refrigerator. You know what they have that you do not?

-- It is a good idea to do a bit of research on what you should not do with your Helium alternatives. For instance, is the one who will be using Inflatables recommended for this kind of work? Who would be a great candidate? What are the hazards of using the Inflatables vs. the Helium alternative?

-- How about locking the door of the laundry room is on your list of possible Inflatables? What about other potential hazards?

-- Mindy Kaling wrote this and then wrote that. She did the comparison for fun. She included the opening lines.

-- As far as the second paragraph is concerned, her blog was hosted by Twitter, not Facebook, so the question-and-answer type messages were included and it looked like she was just retweeting the Tweeters, but that didn't work either. So, it is safe to say that Mindy Kaling will want to update her blog with this whole "Inflatables Comparison" storyline at some point.

-- How about making Inflatables less toxic than Helium? That's an interesting notion.

With this being a relatively cool stuff to have around and being the price of helium is definitely more than one can afford to pay, it seems like an alternative would be better than this mess. And no, Inflatables are not this much cheaper, as the prices have been set so high before. I guess we'll have to wait until the Helium does go into production in the United States.

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